Gain vs pain


So, today is the result day.
I'm not going to ask what is your pointer-- as I hate this question too.
Also, not going to ask how your result was, and if I ask, just want to make sure you are okay and we can still survive for this journey together.
On this day, you can see two type of people;
The one who share their happiness,
And the one who feel so sad over the result.

The things is, whatever your result are, you should be happy.
Happy-- as that was the outcomes of your hardworks.
Happy-- as you know Allah still loves you (you can still feel improve yourself)
Happy-- as at least, you are in an university.

For those who get a successful result, congratulations.
Finally you get what you want. You get what you deserves. You get what will makes your parents in big smile.
And for that, be thankful. Be grateful. For everything you get, everything you have.
but please, don't show it too obvious.
Yes, you may show your grattitude and happiness over your success, but not too much.
Be humble.
Be concern over your sad friends.
There is more suitable and sweetest medium you can show your grattitude-- sajadah.

And for those who couldn't make it, don't be sad.
Yes, you can blame yourself.
Yes, you can envy your successful friends.
Yes, you can rant over it.
But these are all for you to make sure you get it right next time.
For you to improve yourself.
Don't be in the box of sorrow for a long time.
That wouldn't make you better.
Be brave to make steps to reach your friends' line.
Maybe this time it is not yours yet.
but please believe, He knows better.
Allah knows better.

Whatever it is,
be humble.
Be grateful.
Be helpful.

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Lots of love , 움무 ♥

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