Dont worry


Dear you.
No. Please dont get my friend's tweet seriously.

To tell you the truth.
Yes, I did want you before but now tbh I dont have anybody on my mind. 
I've realised that to be with someone as good as you, I myself have to be good too. And I'm not good enough so yeah.
I've come to the stage of 'perlantakkan perasaan kau' to focus more on my life, my family, my friends.
And to focus on myself. A better me. 
And since you have someone in your heart and never notice mine, I forced my heart to give no hope on you and pray the best for you.
At some moment, I think you know about me liking you but you ignored me right? Nah it's okay.
Whatever it is, I will try my best to be your bestest friend even after all you've done (I know you lie to me but I keep it to myself as for me you know better and you must have some reasons, I know you), because the only love left in my heart for you is a love as a friend- and it's enough.

And briefly, that's how I've move on. :)
Lots of love , 움무 ♥

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